The Candlelight Collection
The Candlelight Collection as a whole represents the beauty of multiplicity, the complimentary nature of light and dark, of duality and balance through form and color.

The most obvious factor unifying the works is the representation of firelight, ranging from the soothing glow emanating from the single flame of a lit candlewick to the last glimpse on the horizon of the enormous body of flames that gives us light in the day and, via the moon, light in the night.

Also unifying the works are the cat and the woman.  Their geometric and curvilinear forms appeal to me and they have become familiar.  The familiarity of the figures promotes variation among the different pieces by enabling me to abstract or recreate semblances of reality in a multitude of fashions while still maintaining the same fundamental forms.

I do not purposefully attempt to illustrate ideas or anecdotes or ideology.  I prefer to find them.  The symbolism of firelight, the woman figure and the gourd are ancient and meaningful.  This is relevant to me but was not a conscious consideration in choosing the subject matter for this series of paintings.  They have become characters in an illustration of the many possibilities that the universe offers.  In the end I find that they tell many stories and convey many sentiments, some of which I myself have yet to pinpoint though they might strike another immediately.

To Act On Each Other

Versatility Finds Diversity

The Zuzu Collection