The Candlelight Collection

To Act On Each Other
I often paint collaboratively, primarily with one other artist, Steve Stoddard, though we often invite others to join us.  We work on the same canvas, each building upon what the other participants have contributed in an attempt to make art that reflects our combined skills and contributions in unified and balanced compositions.  In this project, each artist works directly on top of what the others have painted, enhancing and changing, but always respecting and maintaining the integrity of previous contributions, until we agree that the piece is finished.  While interaction among participating artists is not unfamiliar to musicians collaborating in a band, it is less common for visual artists to work together, simultaneously, on a single piece.  The collaborative paintings are the result of many hours of serious work and several painting parties, including both experienced artists and first-time painters.  We share a lot of laughter, excited banter, serious discussion, misunderstandings, reconciliations and thought-provoking conversation when we collaborate.  The process of working collaboratively is complex.  The experience can be challenging and sometimes frustrating, but it also educates and inspires our individual work.

Versatility Finds Diversity

The Zuzu Collection